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1. ON SITE TRAINING - At Your Premises
Business Speaking & Presentation Skills Workshops

 Available nationally and overseas
 Workshops held at your office - factory - site   
•  Half day, 1 day or 2 day interactive workshops
 Suitable for all business people regardless of experience
 Teaches leadership and authority in the workplace
 Great for team building
  Learn how to persuade and influence team members
     and external clients in a variety of business situations

  Watch as your team members become more assertive
     and confident as their skills rapidly improve

  Training available nationally and overseas

How to control that "nervous feeling" and make those butterflies disappear
Skills to make you more assertive and confident during your presentation
Internal vs External Presentations
The secret to getting your audience "on-side"
How to read your audience
The keys to getting your message noticed and appreciated
Body language how your audience read your non verbal communication
How to time your presentations to perfection
Why many speakers fail to 'hold' their audience
How shyness if not addressed can burden your business and social life
Common tricks of the trade used by professional speakers and media presenters
How to deal with difficult questions during your presentation


2.              PUBLIC COURSES

          Business Communication & Confidence Skills

 Five star one day workshops
•  Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane
The No 1 choice for business professionals  
•  Learn to be more confident in business meetings
 A must for executives personal development
•  Lunch is included
  Only $695 with a group discount for 2 or more people

Business speaking skills for meetings and presentations
Great nerve control tips for a variety of stressful situations
Learn to be more assertive and confident
How to avoid going "blank"
Public speaking tip - Participation is optional
Structuring business presentations
Dealing with difficult questions
Body language - how to read people
Audio visual and microphone techniques
Learn the secrets of professional speakers and presenters

Friday 21st February, 2014

9am - 4pm

Thursday 6th February, 2014

9am - 4pm
Friday 9th May, 2014

9am - 4pm


3.     PRIVATE COACHING from $995
Tailored Onsite Training

 Personalised and totally confidential
  Great for time poor executives and directors
  Training at your office or home
 Assistance with delivery, nerves and structure
 Weekend and after hours sessions available

  No minimum number of sessions required

  A great way to boost your confidence!

Assistance with nerves and confidence in a variety of circumstances
How to craft an influential presentation
Dealing with negative and hostile audiences
Tips for using A/V equipment including PowerPoint and microphones
Overcoming self doubt
Dealing with shyness and how it can impact on your business and social confidence
Body language - learn to read your audience, friends and family


4.            AUDIO CD - $29.95

       "Public Speaking & Presentation Skills Made Easy"


        Popular 1 hour CD
       by Greg Stockwell


Nerves and the fear of rejection
Understanding your audience
The importance of mindsets
Eye contact techniques
Personal animation
Structuring presentations
Dealing with difficult questions

Greg Stockwell
is Managing Director of Public Speaking Australia, he is in constant demand on the speaking circuit throughout Australia, New Zealand and Asia. He caters for a variety of client needs including complex technical and often highly confidential issues.

He speaks on a variety of topics to corporate groups at conferences and In House training workshops. Greg has a unique interactive style of training that gives confidence to even the most reluctant students. His wealth of experience includes working with Australia's senior corporate executives, federal, state and local governments, celebrities, TV and sporting identities.



"Involve the audience: Audiences like being included in presentations and this provides an excellent opportunity to build rapport."

Greg Stockwell was interviewed by Madonna King regarding "The Worm" and the televised debate between Prime Minister John Howard and opposition leader Kevin Rudd. Greg was asked for his comments on the contrasting speaking styles of both leaders. ABC RADIO 612 BRISBANE

"Public Speaking Australia director Greg Stockwell, who has media-trained sports people from footballers to polo players, says they are "under constant surveillance by the media and are very comfortable with it. As such they don't sanitise general conversation," Mr Stockwell said." HERALD SUN

"Alcohol can act as a truth serum, and has caused many an anxious groom to share his innermost thoughts about his family members in a regrettable way" AUSTRALIAN BRIDE

"Visualisation will help you relax." "The audience react more to the tone of your voice than the actual words you are saying." FHM MAGAZINE

"Greg Stockwell of Public Speaking Australia has developed a program that teaches how to speak in an assertive and natural manner without the fear of being embarrassed in the process."

Public Speaking Courses
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Suite 503, 379 Pitt St

(02) 9499 3322

Ground Floor, 566 St Kilda Rd

(03) 9909 0524

Level 20, 300 Queen St

(07) 3014 0545


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